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Posted by PiratePudding - March 11th, 2018

Hello newgrounds!

It's been a while! It's been a few years since I was on the site....But I've been working all this time, so it's time for an update. I have some bad news and some good news for you. :o

The bad news is, the shieldmaiden short film will not be finished.
I worked on part 2 in my free time for almost a year, but I was just getting less and less motivated, as the story and style no longer felt good enough for me. It was also going very slowly, and took up all my free time so i was just getting more and more tired.

The good news is, the project has now transformed into something better!
Instead of trying to keep working on the short, I revamped the whole project into a tv series concept, and have been chiseling away at it for the last few years.

I am currently producing a new short film to use as a trailer for the project, which I will use to pitch it.
As of this writing, the rough animation is almost done. Once the film is finished, I'll post it online for all to enjoy.


I've been posting concept art and animation loops on my tumblr, so please let me know what you think of it!

I hope you will enjoy this new version of shieldmaiden, and I look forward to being able to show it to you.



Posted by PiratePudding - November 11th, 2014

Still having problems with the last voices though...we've been trying to get it fixed for week but work schedules keep interfering..... But we're ALMOST..... THERE....

Posted by PiratePudding - October 13th, 2014

Hello everyone, sorry for the long silence. As you may have noticed there has been some delays, so the film isn't finished yet. The past months ran past with extra work and some traveling.

I'm still working on finishing everything, but I won't be giving any exact date as everytime I've done that something else happens to delay me.

Instead, I have whipped up a small simple comic strip where I will be introducing the characters and how they arrive at the village before the story in the film begins.
You can read it on the blog, or on the newly created tumblr page.

I hope you like it, and thanks for being so patient!


Posted by PiratePudding - July 29th, 2014

If I wasn't sure about not being able to finish the film before July ended before, I am now.....

The girl that was supposed to do the main character's voice had been constantly too busy to come do the recording, but now she simply quit at the last minute, litterally.

So luckily we have a new voice, but she won't be able to record until next weekend.

Basically, the film won't be out until in a couple a weeks.
But we're doing all we can so it will be the best possible. Look forward to it!

Posted by PiratePudding - July 27th, 2014

It looks more and more like we're not going to make it for the July deadline, that is next week.
Apart from all of us suddenly getting extra work during July, I've had increasingly frustrating and hair-tearing computer problems. Flash keeps crashing when I want to handle more than one file and it's made me loose over a week's time because I can only work a little every evening.

But now I'm finally done with inking, and have moved on with backgrounds. I was supposed to have started on them on tuesday, so you can see how far behind I've gotten. Hence the probability that we're going to need at least another week to get the film out.

I will update the blog as soon as I have more news.

Posted by PiratePudding - June 22nd, 2014

Go watch it! :D
I hope you like, and the first part of the movie will be coming soon as well!!!

Posted by PiratePudding - June 9th, 2014

HI newgrounds!

I've finished the rough animation for the first episode! Next comes clean lines and backgrounds, look forward
to watching it soon!

You can follow the blog here to see loops and sketches!


Posted by PiratePudding - January 29th, 2014

Hello New grounds people! ...Woah, I did not expect to rack up several thousand views in the first day alone. O_O  

A huge thank you to all those that commented and liked my trailer! I'm floored by the positive response this short teaser has garnered. I'm new to this website, (although I have been lurking about now and then for a some years) so I'm still getting used to the infrastructure, but I think I will like it here. :)  

ABOUT THE MOVIE: I'm currently working on the first "episode" of the Shieldmaiden short. Basically I will be releasing the short cut into several pieces, as I complete them, and then put it all together again once the final episode is done. :) I already have the scenario and concept art, the storyboard for the first episode is done, so all that's left i to ANIMATE! I'm the only animator working on this for now, so it won't be very quick, but I will do my best to post WIPs. teasers, and atwork from the movie as it devellops.  

So if you want to see more, stick around my Newground page, subcribe to my youtube channel, or just follow my blog! :D Thank you again for the awesome welcome and see you soon! -Pirate Pudding