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Work in progress

2014-06-09 10:49:24 by PiratePudding

HI newgrounds!

I've finished the rough animation for the first episode! Next comes clean lines and backgrounds, look forward
to watching it soon!

You can follow the blog here to see loops and sketches!


Hello Newgrounds!

2014-01-29 13:45:37 by PiratePudding

Hello New grounds people! ...Woah, I did not expect to rack up several thousand views in the first day alone. O_O  

A huge thank you to all those that commented and liked my trailer! I'm floored by the positive response this short teaser has garnered. I'm new to this website, (although I have been lurking about now and then for a some years) so I'm still getting used to the infrastructure, but I think I will like it here. :)  

ABOUT THE MOVIE: I'm currently working on the first "episode" of the Shieldmaiden short. Basically I will be releasing the short cut into several pieces, as I complete them, and then put it all together again once the final episode is done. :) I already have the scenario and concept art, the storyboard for the first episode is done, so all that's left i to ANIMATE! I'm the only animator working on this for now, so it won't be very quick, but I will do my best to post WIPs. teasers, and atwork from the movie as it devellops.  

So if you want to see more, stick around my Newground page, subcribe to my youtube channel, or just follow my blog! :D Thank you again for the awesome welcome and see you soon! -Pirate Pudding